Dortmund Don’t Want None

September 13, 2017

The Internet’s most dangerous Tottenham podcast is back! I'm joined by Vince and Ryan Rosenblatt, two of our stalwart depth players, to examine a big week for Spurs. We start by looking at our exciting return to Champions League glory as we break down our 3-1 win against Borussia Dortmund. Then we move on to a successful weekend match up against Everton; Finally, we look back at the transfer window and offer our thoughts on how Spurs conducted themselves. Join us, won't you?



God Save the Queen From Alan Pardew

August 29, 2017

Wheeler Dealer Radio is back baby! Unfortunately we have to talk about the Burnley match. Spurs were pretty mediocre and then we conceded a stupid goal. Thankfully after we finish with that we get to talk about the transfer market which isn’t upsetting at all. Oh well at least our Champions Group isn’t stressful. Join us and enter the international break in style, y’all.


Wembley is a Flat Circle (Fixed)

August 23, 2017

NOW WITH FIXED AUDIO! Spurs played Chelsea and the internet’s most dangerous Tottenham podcast is back to talk about it. We break down how Spurs played against the league leaders, what worked and what didn’t, and what we can take from that going forward. Then we look at the latest moves in the transfer market and try to envision a world without Danny Rose. Finally we wonder which Spurs looked directly into the eclipse this week. Join us, won’t you?


New Season

August 15, 2017

Spurs are back and Wheeler Dealer Radio is back too! I am joined by Sidekick Emeritus Ben Daniels and Podcast Veteran Bryan A. to take a look at the Newcastle game. Did Kyle Walker Peters secure a spot in Spurs team? Are Dele Alli's moments of genius enough? How do we line up for Chelsea? Then we examine the transfer rumors and examine why one of the best right backs on the market might not be the right choice for Spurs. Join us, won't you?


Spurs’ Summer Break

August 1, 2017

Tottenham are off for the summer, but we're not! Computers are fixed! We're all free! So we're back and we're ready to talk about Spurs summer. What do we think about Kyle Walker's transfer? Is Kierian Trippier ready to step up? Should Spurs spend more money? How drunk did we get on Spurs' USA tour? Listen and find out!


Thanks for the Memories

May 16, 2017

It’s been a few weeks but the internet’s most dangerous Tottenham podcast is back. I am joined by the entire gang, with Evil Numbers Wizard Michael Caley, Sidekick Ben Daniels, and Bryan A. We look back on Tottenham’s spectacular farewell to White Hart Lane, bask in the glow of finally putting a stake in St. Totteringham’s Day’s heart, and do our best to move past West Ham. Then we do some listener questions and get about as weird as we ever have. Join us, won’t you?



Sponsored by Safewords

April 25, 2017

Well that wasn’t exactly how we hoped it would go. Spurs lost a heartbreaker of an FA Cup Semi-Final and everyone on the panel is here to talk about. Greg is joined by his sidekick, Ben Daniels; Evil Number Wizard Michael Caley; and knot enthusiast Bryan A. We break down how a dominating performance went wrong, what mistakes were made, what went right, and why god why? Then we look at the recent bunch of transfer rumors and think about how they’re probably related to the game. Then we talk about how Ben cosplays as internet personalities with his wife. Join us, won’t you?


Title Racing

April 20, 2017

Tottenham are back in the title race and we’re back to talk about it! The internet’s most dangerous Tottenham podcast is here to break it all down with Greg, your host; Ben Daniels, Sidekick Emeritus; Bryan, the salty veteran; and Michael Caley, our evil numbers wizard. We talk about an extraordinary performance against Bournemouth, revel in the downfall of Jack Wilshere, get a report from Ben straight from the lane, and start drinking heavily in preparation for our Semi-Final against Chelsea. Join us, won’t you?


Hoo Hum Another Huge Win

April 12, 2017

Tottenham beat the living daylights out of a bad team. Must be a day that ends in a Y. Greg is joined by valuable bench players Vince and Willie to break down this disturbingly new phenomenon. We break down how great it is to comfortably destroy bad teams and how great our players are. Then we discuss the ceiling for some of Spurs’ most exciting players, Trippier’s cosmic attachment with Watford, and what we would get Dele for his birthday. Join us, won’t you?


Left Backs Melt Steel Beams

April 6, 2017

Wheeler Dealer Radio is back! We have a super fun win against Swansea to talk about so its a good thing I’m joined by Sidekick Ben Daniels and Problematic Podcaster Bryan A. We analyze what this game means for Spurs’ place in the table and how it affects our quest for Top Four and/or a Title. Then we talk about the fortunes of Son, Janssen, and Sissoko. Then we take some questions. Join us, won’t you?