Janssen’s Post Up

October 26, 2016

Spurs' played some really boring games since our last podcast. That or we've been in a coma and having some really boring dreams. I am joined by podcast Stalwart Bryan A. and some new blood! Jake Meador joins the pod for the first time. We reach all the way back into time to talk about the Bayer Leverkusen match and how crazy that was. Then we move on to the boring stuff. We struggle to stay awake as we discuss Bournemouth and try to not think that hard about Tom Carroll as we break down our League Cup match against Liverpool. Finally, we preview our match against the Leicester City Lesters and take some questions. Join us, won't you?


President Dembele

October 17, 2016

The international break is over! Yay! We're finally back to talk about a Spurs game this is gonna be oh it was against West Brom. Ugh. I am joined by Sidekick Ben Daniels, Evil Numbers Wizard Michael Caley, and Cartilage Free Captain Old Boy Ryan Rosenblatt to slog through this Tony Pulis garbage fest. We talk about what worked and what didn't against West Brom and why. We take a closer look at Dele Alli and then get mad about Nacer Chaldi. Finally, we take a closer look at Bayer Leverkusen and discuss what the game against Spurs will look like. Join us, won't you?


Extremely Guapo Spurs

October 3, 2016

HOW ABOUT THOSE SPURS!? Tottenham beat the league leaders and Pep Guardiola this weekend and good god what a match! I'm joined by my Forever Sidekick Ben Daniels and Veteran Emeritus Bryan A. to break down the match that marked Spurs as a title contender. We look at why we were so successful against City. We single out some of the extraordinary performances. We basically gush over Spurs for an hour and its great. Join us, won't you?


Our Large Adult Offside Son

September 28, 2016

Two for two! It was a great week for Spurs thanks to our Korean attacker! We talk about our victory against Boro before we move onto our Champions League victory against CSKA Moscow. We discuss the form of Heung Min Son and Vincent Janssen, we talk about Spurs' new looks this year, and how we are set up for City. Join us, won't you?


Harry Kane Wants Answers

September 20, 2016

We're back from our week off and we're bigger and better than ever. I am joined by one of our biggest panels ever as Ben Daniels is back as sidekick, Bryan A. has returned as our veteran in residence, Michael Caley has resumed his role as our Evil Numbers Wizard, and Vince is here as not just a replacement, but a starter! We talk about Sunderland, Monaco, AND Stoke. We break down the performances of players like Son, Sissoko, and Janssen. We look at what the injury of Harry Kane means for us going forward. And we try to figure out if Spurs are unlucky or having trouble scoring. Then we figure out what Harry Kane's podcast would be like. Join us, won't you?


Well, bye.

August 31, 2016

The deadline day has come and gone. And what a deadline day it was. We talk about the utter insanity and highly banterous nature of Sissoko. Then talk about our other purchases. THEN we dance on the graves of our dearly departed midfielders. See you at the crossroads, guys. We make fun of Jack Wilshere's transfer before we tackle the game against Liverpool. Which sure was a football match, I tell you what.


Going for the Gold

August 24, 2016

Tottenham Hotspur got their first three points of the season and the internet's most dangerous Tottenham podcast is back to talk about it! We talk about Poch's new line up and what our best line up looks like going forward. We consider Wanyama's improved form and the destruction of Andros Townsend's career by Erik Lamela. Then we break down the transfer market and anticipate the upcoming Champions League draw. All this and questions. Join us, won't you?


Abercrombie and Winks

August 17, 2016

Tottenham Hotspur are back and so is the internet's most dangerous Tottenham podcast! We talk about the Everton game and the concerns it raised with us. Then we preview the season as a whole and look at everything from Spurs' transfers to the ongoing N'Koudou saga to the Mitchell drama. Then we talk about Eric Dier's hair and our predictions for the season. We even have some new bits! What a time to be alive.


Checking In

July 13, 2016

Hey it's been a while. How are you doing? Have the wounds healed from Spurs? Are you ready to talk about it? Well good we're here to talk about it with you. We talk about the Euros and spend an inordinate amount of time talking about Ronaldo. Then we discuss Spurs' transfer dealings thus far and how we think it will impact the team. Then it all sort of devolves into nonsense. So we're basically in midseason form. Join us, won't you?



May 17, 2016

A great season had a not so great ending. And we hate ourselves enough to podcast about it. We talk about the disaster against Newcastle. Then we look back at the highs and lows and try to figure out what this means for our memories of this season. Then we cry a lot and start drinking a lot. It's all a blur after that. Join us for our last podcast before the Euros, won't you?